Services of Antique Inspector, LLC

Certified - Licensed is the Best


1. Appraisals of decorative art, antiques, memorabilia and collectibles for insurance, damage and loss claims, charitable or cultural property donations, estate planning, division of assets, determination of probate fees or capital gains tax (at current tax laws), bankruptcy and equitable distribution.


2. Inventory management of private collections. 


3. Providing advisory services and representation to corporate and private collectors for the acquisition or divesting of individual items or entire collections.


4. Liaison between auction houses and estate sales. 


One piece or a Collection

Certified Antique Appraiser & Auction Liason 

Whether you have one piece, a specific collection, or an entire estate to evaluate and sell, I can help.

I help evaluate your pieces–safely, privately, and discreetly. I prepare PACC (Professional Antique Code of Conduct) compliant appraisals for insurance, financial planning, equitable distribution, bankruptcy, and estate purposes. If you plan to sell, I will liaise with the appropriate auction houses, private dealers, or collectors to secure the most lucrative options for the sale of your property.


Specialized in cast iron toys, Napier Jewelry, Trifari Jewelry, picture artists

Antiques, collections, general house contents. 


Services Include


Contact us for a free 30-minute call to discuss how we can help



I prefer in person and viewing of item(s) or collection. A safe meeting to learn more about the specific items you are interested in selling, discuss potential timeframes, and scope of work.


Formal Appraisal

Our appraisals are thoroughly researched,  photographs taken, and written in compliance with PACC  [professional antique code of conduct] and maintain the highest ethical standards. Unbias results.


Auction Liaison

Assistance through the entire process, from valuation, negotiating contract terms and communicating with auction houses on your behalf, to following up on final payments. We are with you from start to finish.


Appraisal Services

We offer personal property appraisal services for estates and individuals, including IRS-taxable estates; divorce; bankruptcy; liquidation; insurance; IRS charitable donations; equitable distribution; and financial planning. 

An accredited member AIA – Asheford Institute of Antiques, AAM – Asheford Associate Member and fully compliant with the Professional Antique Code of Conduct (PACC), and Certified Antique Appraiser (CAA). CAA = 120 credit hours.


My network of contacts help my clients get to the right people, saving them time and money.



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What does it take to be Evaluated ....

Get your Collections and Antiques Evaluated by a Professional Antique Appraiser.


Free appraisals online won't work for insurance purposes.

Free antique appraisals tend to be less accurate than ones that cost money. These values typically do not represent a replacement value, which is what an insurance company need to protect your stuff.

Experts/Certified Antique Appraisers spend more time  researching items for insurance appraisals and you're more likely to find someone with extensive knowledge when you pay.

If you have an antique you want to insure, you'll need written certification from a reputable source/certified appraiser. You'll need to pay the appraiser for their time in these instances.

If you need to insure an antique or sell something more expensive, consider getting a written, certified appraisal.

I am independent Certified - Licensed Antique Appraiser. Unbias Results.


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Get Focused 

*Some insurance companies require an "appraisal for insurance." Online Not accepted.

*All too often, the chaos left behind by collectors leaves their descendants with a tax burden that could have avoided, along with endless amounts of paperwork, legal fees wrangling and other drama.

*Estate Planning, Divisions of Assets, Divorce, Determinations of Probate Fees, Inventory Management of Private Collections.

*Is your collection worth more today than when you purchased it?

What risk are you willing to take?

*Don't be afraid to pay for good advice and evaluation.




I am an independent Certified - Licensed Antique Appraiser. Unbias Results.